The Barflys,

The Barflys Rally has been an annual event since 2006.

The idea was originally Rachel and Marks who wanted to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

As more people with their own particular talents have joined in the organising the better it has become. Now we have one of the best rallies in the Southwest.

Although there are only a few of us we are very fortunate to have some good friends who come every year to help out ‘on the day’. So, a big thank you to Gypsy Pete and Sally, Griff and Stella & Stefan and Hels.

We are a non-profit organisation and hope to raise as much money for charity as possible in the coming years.

The Barlfys are bikers dedicated to the biker scene. Bikes and partying are what we do best, we are a group of friends that like to give ALL bikers and the scene something to look forward to on a yearly basis.